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These rank as my top stories, top columns

It really is fun to reflect back on my six years as a busy staff writer for the Steele County Times.
As a young lad, I remember my parents having a subscription to the Blooming Prairie Times, a weekly newspaper. I also remember them having subscriptions to two daily newspapers, the Austin Daily Herald and the Evening Tribune of Albert Lea.
Thus, I gained an admiration for the written word. I began to write for fun and in high school became the editor of my school newspaper, the Sentinel (Austin).
The rest is history. I thought I was retiring from the busy pace of newspapering but I was wrong. I continued part time for former Minnesota Gov. Elmer L. Andersen's newspaper group.
I retired in 2011 and still worked part time for Andersen's newspapers while living in Blooming Prairie.
That bond with ECM Publishers ended when I started working for Bussler's newspaper.
I was helping him out for a few weeks while his editor recovered from a fall. He must not have ever recovered because I am still here. He did recover and moved on to an Iowa newspaper.
I have now set the stage for selecting the Top 10 stories I covered while here in Blooming Prairie. Here they are, not necessarily in chronological order
1) Lois Riess Captured; Lois Riess pleads guilty to murder husband and killing a woman in Florida.
2) Awesome Blossom football team wins Class 1A state title.
3) Merle McNutt turns 98, 99 100, 101, 102 (Nov. 14, 2020).
4) Minimizer is sold; Craig Kruckeberg builds Kruckeberg Industries.
5) Bloomimg Prairie turns 150
6) Veterans Memorial hits goal of $250,000; total now at $330,000.
7) LeMar Nelson, well known BP educator, writer passes.
8) Main Street is resurfaced in Blooming Prairie; Main Street Bakery burns; BP Cancer Group, BP Ed Foundation, BP Youth Club raise tons of money for their causes.
9) Krejci Ford franchise resigned.
10) COVID-19 punches BP in gut.
Next week, I will choose the 10 columns I wrote for The Times and feel they are my best.

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