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Now it’s the battle of the brush

From my battle of the socks to my latest skir- mish with the brush inthe yard, my summer has been filled with drama o

My favorite show: Parks and Rec

Most people have a favorite tv show, that they can binge watch time after time and never get sick of it.

The battle of the socks

Faded flowers end up in the compost. Sour milk goes down the drain. And old socks?

Change doesn't have to be scary

Almost anyone I ever talk to in my personal life can all agree on one thing. 
They don’t like change. 

Retirement not on the radar for many

A poll released this week regarding retirement caught my attention.

Proud dad moment

Over the weekend I had one of my favorite ‘proud dad moments.’ 

A real head scratcher

The Minnesota Twins got shafted. 

State of 10,000 memories

When I moved to Minnesota over two years ago, I remember someone commented on my Facebook post about moving. 

Love 60 years in the making

This past weekend my family celebrated a remarkable accomplishment that doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.

Reliving childhood for my 24th birthday

The same year I was born the movie Toy Story came out.

New printer brings sharper looking product

Sometimes changes bring on more positive results than one could have wished for.

Pokémon Go: The millennials way to get outside

A few summers ago, the game Pokémon Go became a really popular game across the country.

A party of different sorts

Over the years I’ve been known to come up with a variety of ways to have a party.

Track and Field is the best sport

For the past 10 years I have been involved in the sport of track and field either as athlete or a coach, competing in

My friend CeCe: the story of overcoming adversity

Earlier this year, one of my best friends from college and college teammate, CeCe, got a lot of attention in the news

A time for remembrance, not summer fun

May is a time of memorial remembrances.

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