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The end is in sight

It’s happening...warmer weather and baseball are showing up on the same weekend.

Spamtown, USA through eyes of kids

Just a few miles down the road from Blooming Prairie, it became perhaps the most bitter labor strife in Minnesota’s h

Awkward, deafening silence

Do you hear that? It’s absolutely silent.

Getting the pulse on a community

Something that I learned early on in my journalistic career dating back to the early 1990s is that if you ever want t

Two different barometers to judge how effective the Times really is

It’s always gratifying to win awards for one’s work.

Super Bowl LIV was a reminder of our past

It had been 50 years since the Kansas City (Missouri) Chiefs won Super Bowl IV, beating the Minnesota Vikings. 

Cost-saving measures to save money

Everyone wants to keep more of his or her hard-earned money.

Photo warms the hearts of fair judges

Our little sleeping beauties have earned the Steele County Free Fair a top prize in the annual convention of the Minn

‘We are going to strip’

A few inches of snow fell on the region last Monday and Tuesday.

LeMar Nelson leaves a legacy of love for BP

LeMar Nelson was the heart beat of Blooming Prairie for many years.

One big family gathers to support a badly injured officer

Folks from across the region found out last week just exactly how big the law enforcement family is.

A futuristic campus in the heart of SE Minnesota

It’s been just over a month since moving into the publisher’s office at the Dodge County Independent.

The real man behind Santa’s magic

Some holiday traditions never die off.

Let’s agree to make 2020 a year of change

Sad days were recorded as 2019 fades into our collective memories.

Southern BBQ in the land of lutefisk, Julekake and lefse

Having lived in the south for several years, my wife and I developed a taste for southern food. You know, barbeque.

It’s a Baker’s Dozen giveaway

With the new year, and a new decade as well, upon us this week, we have decided to kick things off in a big way with

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