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Shaggy beyond belief and itching for a haircut

For the past several weeks, well okay maybe months already, I have felt like a shaggy dog.

Signs of life returning after most business open

A sure sign of life beginning to normalize in Kasson is the number of cars parked on Main Street.

Invisible killer silences another great event

A major highlight of my summers ever since growing up on the farm has been the county and state fairs.

Back home for those summertime storms

After several years of living south of the Mason-Dixon Line, my wife and I were enamored with the thunder boomers, li

Celebrating Steele County’s oldest resident

This past week I had the pleasure to interview a woman who turned 107 years old on Sunday.

Congratulations to the class of 2020

As weather patters change from polar pushes into the state to more tropical weather from the Gulf of Mexico our days

Faceless in a pandemic era

The jury is still out on what exactly will happen to our communities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the worst pub

A different Memorial Day approaches

Memorial Day is only four days away.

Summer is canceled

I’ll bet you never thought you would see a headline like this: “Summer is canceled.”

Some interesting facts about COVID-19

Interesting facts about COVID-19:

‘Honk, 4 my birthday’

In these days of a coronavirus-filled world, one never knows what you’re going to find along the roadside.

COVID-19 leading to more than a few absurdities

Just last week I was discussing some of the absurdities showing up as a result of COVID-19 with Karen Jorgensen, DCI

A little corona pushes home projects to the forefront

One thing is for certain with everybody being hunkered down while dodging the coronavirus.

Farm belt food comes courtesy of Chinese company

Sitting right in the middle of corn, hog, and cattle growing country, it’s hard for me to believe that the food we ea

What’s to love about the local paper?

One of our regular readers from Owatonna pointed out to me an article that ran in the March-April edition of RFD-TV M

COVID-19 robs sports fans of great summer pastime

Last Friday morning I was picking the clothes to wear for the day.

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