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COVID helps push an end to a Black Friday tradition

If there is anything positive that has come out of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s the news from major retailers regarding

Social atmosphere must change, all lives do matter

This Twilight Zone social atmosphere raging in the U.S. is lunacy.

Mask up, but I don't like it

I’ll admit it.

Inching our way back to normal

If there’s such a thing as normal life anymore, we seem to be inching our way toward what most would consider normal.

Curing the corona blues with Redlin art

As I’m sure many of you are figuring out, it’s tough to find anything to do this summer in light of the COVID-19 pand

Who would replace police?

There’s continued hysteria coming from various groups in our nation to abandon those who protect all the people of th

Back with a smug smile

How can someone accused of murder be smiling?

Minnesota leaders failed to act during riots

Our nation watched in horror, via television, as a Minneapolis man was allegedly killed by a Minneapolis police offic

Powering my way to better health

Of all the fruits I love to eat, strawberries would have to be my top choice.

Apple, Android team up with Big Brother to track you

Smart phone companies have partnered with coronavirus contact tracing, whether a users has an iPhone or an Android.

Kasson visits Kasson; time to celebrate July 4th

Last weekend a young boy and his mother visited Kasson. Usually, that doesn’t make headlines.

A scary moment while in search of fair food

By now, everyone probably is aware of my love for the fairs.

Postal blues with paper delivery

Our readers in Owatonna got a dose of the postal blues a couple weeks ago, most likely without even really noticing i

Excitements builds as pools open

Excitement was building for area pools to open for the shortened season.

What’s your COVID-19 Hero story?

We’ve all been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in some way or another over the past three months.

2020: A year like no other and it’s only June

It’s only mid-June and I’m to the point where I feel I’ve already been through a full year of ups and downs.

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