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'Slim' proves to be my best friend

"Slim" has proven to be my best friend, and I will tell you why.

A teenager with a jolt of positivity

While everyone has been focused on getting a COVID-19 shot, and for understandable reasons, there is something else t

In pursuit of happiness and fun for this BP cop

He’s back at it again.

Mondale walked in the shadow of Hubert Humphrey

Minnesota lost another major icon when former Vice President Walter (Fritz) Mondale passed away last week at age 93.<

COVID creates a new obsession

Over the years, I have never been a huge movie fan.

21 years ago, Tammi had another chance to live

It was 26 years ago on April 15, 1995 that our 22-year-old daughter Tammi Jo got another chance at living.

Fire stirs up bad memories for BP family

Last week’s tragic barn fire that resulted in the loss of cattle south of Owatonna has stirred up horrifying memories

Vaccines over time have protected our health

Vaccines to curb the impact of COVID-19 have saved many lives and protected the earth of the world.

Don’t shoot the Easter bunny

Pop, pop, pop.
Easter produced something a little out of the ordinary for our family this year.

High expectations for Twins in 2021

“Let's Play Ball!

Food brings us to the table

There is one industry that sometimes gets overlooked in the mad rush we all call life.

‘Restoring old stuff is kind of fun’

Everyone needs a hobby or something creative to do in their spare time.

Help this teen achieve Stars and Stripes

Contrary to what we may think at times, there are teenagers doing extraordinary things in our communities.

Minnesota Nice makes people forget about COVID

It is difficult to believe that it has been one year since we were introduced to COVID-19 and its grip that it has ha

Two careers collide for Podcast Sheriff

Law enforcement has been in the blood of Scott Rose’s family for many years.

Congrats, we have survived

One can just feel the energy and excitement as people cautiously come out of hiding after being locked down for the p

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