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Successful Blooming Prairie entrepreneur Craig Kruckeberg says it so well.


As we climb out a deep, dark hole that COVID-19 put us into for nearly 18 months, there is a glimmer of hope on the h

How about celebrating and rallying behind the local, community paper?

It's sad how the landscape of newspapers has changed over the years, especially since I began in the business in

Even COVID could not squash BP’s Fourth

The Old Fashioned Fourth of July celebration will stand STRONG once again as it returns to Blooming Prairie for two d

Reign is life changing for Princess Kay

As I enjoyed a strawberry malt at this past weekend’s Dairy Days in Owatonna, I also got a lesson about the dairy ind

Oops!! It was my mistake

What is a blooper? It's something nobody really wants to talk about.

Giving mom a black eye for her birthday

There probably aren’t many people who can claim that they gave their mother a black eye for her 82nd birthday.

Heat travels from Arizona to Blooming Prairie


Cemetery flowers spur great childhood memory

There is nothing more beautiful while cruising the countryside than to come across a cemetery filled with real flower

It's time to celebrate birthdays again

Yes, it's your birthday and you can celebrate it like you once did.

Newspaper deadlines are brutal

I’d be lying if I said I loved every aspect of the newspaper business.

Recognizing a hard-working woman committed to dairy

It never ceases to amaze me about all the great people who make extraordinary contributions to worthy organizations t

Remember our veterans and family members

Being the gardener she has always been, Mom Lestrud would get down on her knees and plant flowers at her parents&#039

Straight Talk about Steele County

If there is one thing I have learned over the past year, residents are fortunate to have two viable options of keepin

Wild Bill Cooper vanished into thin air

Over the years, I have met some unique personalities, some of them highly intellectual and others who were woodsman t

Heroes that go unnoticed

As a child, we all likely embraced heroes at one time or another.

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