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LIV shakes up the golf world
Johnnie Phillips, Sports Editor
Johnnie Phillips, Steele Sports, LIV, golf

If you have been following the world of professional golf over the course of the past few

months, chances are you have come across a new term in the media: LIV.

LIV – which is not an acronym, but instead indicative of the roman numeral for the number 54 – is a brand new league of professional golf developed to “modernize and supercharge” the game, according to the league’s website.

Founded in 2021, LIV had remained relatively quiet in the media until recently when the league began shaking up the golf scene by signing some big names from the PGA Tour with some even bigger money.

Spearheading LIV’s 2022 class of golfers are its biggest household-name signings in Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson.

Initial reports in the media revolving around the league’s signings indicated that Johnson was paid $150 million, while an interview done by The Washington Post with LIV CEO Greg Norman reported that Tiger Woods turned down a deal that stretched close to the $1 billion mark.

As I watched the news of the signings on my TV and listened to the voices of disgruntled analysts giving their opinions on some of golf’s biggest stars leaving for greener pastures, I couldn’t help but get excited that golf finally had some drama.

In a sport where class and sportsmanship have always been held to the highest standard, LIV came onto the scene and shook things up in record time.

The reason that LIV is so intriguing to me is the fact that it is everything that the PGA is not – with the best part being that that is LIV’s whole strategy.

LIV is attempting to revolutionize the game by implementing a team-based competition where squads compete in no-cut, shotgun-start rounds over the course of 54-hole tournaments.

The league currently consists of 12 teams and 48 players and has eight scheduled events that stretch from North America to Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

However, those intrigued by the new league will have to do some digging to be able to watch live events, as LIV has not yet been able to convince big-name networks for air time.

Instead, viewers will have to tune into, DAZN, YouTube or Facebook to watch.

As a curious member of the media, I will be tuning in to watch LIV’s upcoming tournament in Portland from June 30 to July 2 simply with the intention of seeing if the spectacle lives up to its hype.

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