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State of 10,000 memories

When I moved to Minnesota over two years ago, I remember someone commented on my Facebook post about moving. 
That person gave me some of the best advice that I could listen to. They told me “make sure you go to different places that are unique to the area you're living in. Go to small businesses instead of chain places.”
I often times think about that advice when I decide on different places to go to on weekends.
Since last Summer I have found myself expanding on the trying things by also making a commitment to taking different road trips to different parts of the state. 
I found myself in that situation last weekend when my girlfriend and two of our best friends went on a weekend getaway up north to Duluth. 
I was super excited to go on the trip because I knew I would be around good company, and I would be getting to visit a whole different part of the state I had never been to. 
During our weekend vacation, we stayed in an AirBNB in Superior Wis. which meant I was able to visit a state I had never been to. 
Over the weekend we had a ton of fun and it reminded me that there's a lot of places to explore in Minnesota. The state of 10,000 lakes is also a place that has 10,000 ways to make memories. 

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