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Road construction: Minnesota’s second season

From the time I got picked up in Bloomington by my first publisher to visit St. James, there has been one thing that has constantly told to me. 
There’s only two seasons in Minnesota winter and road construction season. 
After living in Minnesota for more than two years I have realized that it’s completely true. 
A couple of weeks ago, I had a terrible experience with road construction when I was on my way to my girlfriends house right outside of Mankato. 
My girlfriend, her mom, and me had spent the previous day in Kasson packing up the U Haul with all of our stuff in it, and we left early to head down to her house to unload the U Haul, and return it before 1 p.m. when it needed to be there. 
Everything was going great that morning, we were on our way, and after a pit stop to grab some breakfast at Kwik Trip in Waseca, I was set to be there in about 30 minutes. 
Over the course of the last year, I have learned that the best and my favorite way of going is taking an alternative route that goes through a county road by Farm America and through small towns like St. Clair.
Long story short the county road is about 14 miles long and when I got about 8 miles down the road I got a pit in my stomach because I saw the sign that all Minnesotans dread. 
To make matters worse, there was only one little stretch of the road that was closed but since it’s a straight road, it causes me headaches because there was no way to get any further.
After yelling out a couple of choice words I decided to try finding an alternative route by going down a couple of gravel roads to get around it. 
After driving around I finally came upon the county road I was looking for but lucky me that part of the road was also closed as well.
After driving down random roads I finally found my way back onto Highway 14 and made my way down to my girlfriend's house. 
I ended up getting there about a half hour or more after my girlfriend got there and I felt pretty embarrassed knowing that if I had just taken Highway 14 all the way to Mankato I would’ve gotten there at the same time as her. 
Luckily though, my girlfriend and my in-laws had all of the Uhaul unloaded in their garage when I got there. 
Thank goodness for Minnesota Nice. 

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