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Reliving childhood for my 24th birthday

The same year I was born the movie Toy Story came out.
That’s why it was so fitting that 24 years later I celebrated my birthday by seeing Toy Story 4 on Saturday.
The Toy Story movies have always been my favorite movies, and ever since I was little I was always excited to watch it and was especially excited to see the new ones in theaters. 
I think the best thing about the series is the fact that it has humor for all ages. That’s exactly why it’s one of those movies that are good for adults even if they don’t have kids.
I remember how excited I was when Toy Story 3 came out.
I was going into my sophomore year of high school when it came out in theaters and I knew I wanted to see it. My mom, my cousin who is nine months younger than me, and I went and saw the movie in theaters and even though it’s technically a movie made for younger kids, the theater was packed.
With my birthday being the day after Toy Story 4 came out I told my girlfriend that I really wanted to go see it so we went to an afternoon film, and to my surprise she got me tickets to the 3-D version! 
I was in heaven as we laughed non-stop at all the funny things in the movie and it truly was one of the best movies I have seen in years!
So if you haven't seen it yet I suggest you do right away your missing out! 

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