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Remodel leads to discovery of bathroom facts
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

Passersby at our Blooming Prairie residence were a bit baffled when they drove past our house and saw a bathtub, toilet, and shower sitting on the front lawn.

"Did you know that Howard and Judy Lestrud are getting a new bathtub? Oh, wait a minute, it looks like they are getting a new toilet and shower, too.”

Yes, we did pretty much rebuild our bathroom. That's something we have wanted to do since we moved to Blooming Prairie eight years ago.

Our main reason for re-doing our bathroom was to remove our circulating tub that we hardly used and replace it with a larger shower. It was a major undertaking but with the help of a bath designer, we were able to transform our bathroom into a new experience.

Our shower is now so large that we could invite the neighbors to come over. Just kidding!

The shower and toilet are now operational. This re-do took time and forced Judy and me to make trips to Casey's, the city center, and First Lutheran Church.

Oh, I forgot to mention that our next-door neighbors also loaned their facilities to us. God Bless them!

We are still working on decorating our new bathroom and that's something Judy is spearheading, with the help of close friend Linda.

During this process, we have been searching for some silly bathroom facts and statistics.

Did you know that the average person visits the toilet 2,500 times a year, 6-8 times a day? Therefore, in an average lifetime, we spend three years on the toilet.

On average, men spend 11 minutes in the shower, whereas women take 13. What goes on during those extra 2 minutes will forever remain a mystery.

South Korea is the first (and probably the last) country to have ever opened a "Restroom Cultural Park.” This one-of-a-kind park opened its doors to the public in 2012 and features a toilet shaped museum, toilet sculptures and toilet-related art. It is also probably the best place to find out more rare bathroom facts.

Our personal bathrooms are sacred to all of us. Youll have to excuse me while I take a shower.

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