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Remembering proms of the past

Saturday night will be a night Blooming Prairie High School students hopefully will long remember.

This year's Prom is scheduled for Saturday, May 7.

Prom goers will have the early part of the afternoon to take photos and then they will meet at the high school to participate in the Grand March. This begins at 3:30 p.m.

Proms allow students to dress up to their best. It's always fun to view the new attire chosen by the Promenaders.

COVID-19 forced cancellation of the Prom the past two years.

To encourage the Prom attendees to have a fun time, local First Responders have planned a Mock Crash for the day before Prom on Friday, May 6. This simulation at 9:30 a.m. near Victory Field is done to re-emphasize the need to be safe.

To ensure safety, students have planned a bus trip to Stillwater for a boat ride. Following the boat ride, prom-goers go to a recreation spot to have fun at an after party.

Many schools sponsor Mock Crashes to emphasize the need to be safe. What could happen if safety is not a priority? It could result in serious injury or death if it involves a car crash. The purpose of this exercise is to show that the community cares about making the evening a safe one.

I was fortunate to have attended two proms. My first prom was with a date with a fellow Austin High School student.

My second prom was very eventful. That night in May of 1967 was not only Prom Night for me and my future bride Judy, it was the night I proposed to her and presented her with a diamond engagement ring.

Prior to attending the prom, I went to Judy's parents' home and asked her parents if I could marry their daughter. That was one of the most nervous times I have ever experienced because her four younger siblings were all there watching and listening.

Judy wasn't present because she was at a party just for the Ellendale-Geneva prom students.

What was their answer, Judy asked. "I was vetoed," I joked with her.

The rest is history. It will be 55 years since I popped the question. Four months later on Sept. 30, we were married.

I would guess other prom goers over the years have had similar life changing moments.

This special night is designed for fun and not for tragedy. This is not just parents cautioning a son or daughter to be safe. It is parents wanting the evening to be safe and memorable.

Prom Night is also a fun time for parents and grandparents. All in all, Prom 2022 will soon be etched in the books as an important part of life.

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