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Blooming Prairie is under served by Community Pathways of Steele County, emphatically states Pathways Executive Director Dom Korbel.
Korbel was in BP a few weeks, rallying supporters at a Sunday worship at First Lutheran Church. Following a talk to the congregation, Korbel met further with BP residents at a special forum presentation.
Korbel is the new Community Pathways director who meets the public in a sincere, charismatic manner.
Korbel credited his father David with providing the catalyst that spurred him to get involved in non-profit endeavors.
Community Pathways was already on fire prior to Korbel joining the fold, but now with his leadership the goals become even more reachable.
One of the goals is to raise $2.6 million in capital funds to expand the food shelf building proper. Space will be doubled to allow the food shelf to be more able to meet community needs.
With the raising of the funds, it will now be possible to double the size of Community Pathways of Steele County.
Korbel told Blooming Prairie church goers a few weeks ago that Blooming Prairie will be a "Test Run" for the Pathways food truck to come to First Lutheran Church and distribute foodstuffs to needy persons.
The Pathways food truck will be in BP on Thursday, March 24 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. People can also drop off items at the food truck on this day. The truck will be located on the west end of the First Lutheran parking lot.
It's because of volunteers and partnerships with local businesses that Community Pathways has been able to extend its reach.
Pathways provides special shopping times for families. This enables families to more prudently pick the items they need, Korbel said.
Building New Pathways is the theme of the Community Pathways capital campaign. The campaign was structured by co-executive directors Nancy Ness and Maureen Schlobohm.
This year has been uniquely challenging in food insecurity areas across Steele County because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has weakened fragile economic systems and significantly elevated the need for critical services like Community Pathways.
More funds for Community Pathways of Steele County were raised last weekend at the Hometown Sampler Concert Series. Local bands performed at the Little Theatre in Owatonna. Just passing the hat at one of the concerts, produced $1,000.
A total of $28,000 was easily surpassed by the genuine generosity of local people, said Korbel.
Donations are always encouraged and accepted. Help your neighbor by donating to Community Pathways of Steele County.

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