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Lead Summary

It has been over a year that Blooming Prairie Police Chief Greg Skillestad has had to endure a critical evaluation given him in June of 2020 by City Administrator Andrew Langholz.
The review has been amended so that information in that evaluation cannot be used against him.
The Blooming Prairie City Council approved the settlement and it is time for us to turn the page. Skillestad is relieved that the matter is over with him withdrawing his appeal to the Minnesota Department of Administration. He has turned the page.
Chief Skillestad stands tall in light of this public exposure. He is well respected by community businesses and by the city residents. He is also a leader in policing seen in small towns.
Skillestad and his family are loved by many in Blooming Prairie. They are all active in community activities.
He came to Blooming Prairie in 2014 as its police chief. His credentials were strong, having most recently served as a deputy with the Steele County Sheriff's Office.
We know Skillestad as a well qualified leader of the Blooming Prairie Police Department. He is well trained in respect to policing traditions and trends. He also has strongly required his officers to uphold the highest of law enforcement standards.
Skillestad is a fixture in the community because he loves Blooming Prairie. The feeling is mutual.
The chief is no figurehead. He is the top cop who steps out behind a desk, and is most willing to pull patrolling duties and most willing to walk the streets of this progressive southern Minnesota community.
Greg Skillestad is appreciated by many local residents. He deserves a hardy THANK YOU from the community for keeping this small town safe for all.
When Skillestad is not doing his cop duties, he is making kids and adults laugh, forgetting the stresses of the day. He does this with his magic show. Yes, Skillestad is Greg the Great as he promotes his magic shows.
Skillestad just recently performed two magic shows at the Dodge County Fair.
He is firm and fair in providing law enforcement. He protects the laws and also protects the safety of the citizenry of Blooming Prairie and the safety of those visiting this progressive community.
Chief Skillestad, we are sorry that you have had to literally be a target on the firing line. For what? We don't really know.
This mountain of a man deserves to have the page turned in respect to his overall performance. He has always expected the most out of himself and from his officers who protect the city.
Citizens should take time to salute Skillestad for his efforts to keep everyone safe in Blooming Prairie. Skillestad is indeed GREG THE GREAT.

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