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Ringo was his name.
Only two of the original Beatles music group remain, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. A tribute to the famous rock 'n' roll drummer was performed before a crowd of about 200 at Central Park in Owatonna last Thursday night.
Performing as international tribute artist Ringer Star was Mike Callahan of Detroit, Mich. He did the vocals for a 25-set music show, backed up by the Lost Faculties band. He also played the drums, the real Ringo's favorite instrument.
Callahan has been performing his Ringo act for eight years. He has 18 all-star bands he performs with around the world.
The resemblance of Ringer to the 81-year-old Ringo is amazing. Callahan performs, wearing a jean jacket and a t-shirt with a large white star in the middle. He has that dark black beard and mustache and also wears a star post in his left ear.
The similarities continue to be noticed by the many families attending the final concert of the series sponsored by Wenger.
Callahan performs as Ringer Star worldwide and hooks up with one of his all-star bands. The six-member Lost Faculties Band is a popular rock 'n roll band that plays gigs in southern Minnesota.
Callahan, 67, was nine years old when he first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan television show. Lots of kids were in the crowd on Thursday night and dancing for the fun of it with their families. Others went in front of the stage and showed off their dance moves.
Callahan and the Lost Faculties had rehearsed together only two days before Thursday's performance in Owatonna.
Some of the more recognizable songs he performed were:
            • Octopus's Garden
            * Honey Don't
            • It Don't Come Easy
            • Act Naturally
            • Photograph
            • La De Da
            • Yellow Submarine
            • Matchbox
            • Oh, My My
            • You're 16
After singing Yellow Submarine, Ringer said he liked that song so much that he painted his whole house yellow.
As he helped set up the band for the Owatonna performance, Callahan took time to hone the sound by singing a couple of tunes with the band. He also said "Hello" to many by working the crowd.
Someone mentioned to Callahan that he at least does not have a semi full of equipment to travel with. "I wish I could have that problem someday," he said.
Fielding a question about remembering the lyrics from these 25 songs performed on the Owatonna stage, Ringer said, "I could never remember them all. I use an iPad on stage."
Asked if he had ever met the real Ringo Starr, Callahan said he has not. He said he made a connection with Starr at one of his Las Vegas performances.
"I was in the audience and wearing identical clothing. He spotted me and lipped, 'Oh, My God, someone is here that looks just like me but is he as talented as me?"
Another look-alike to a famous rock 'n 'roller Joe Walsh of the Eagles was on stage as a member of the Lost Faculties band. D. B Smith of Northfield mimicked many of Walsh's mannerisms while picking his guitars.

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