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It's a moment that brings tears to your eyes.
The tearful moment is about two of my nieces who have responded beyond the call of duty to care for their loved ones.
Just recently, Judy and I traveled to Loveland, Colo., to visit my brother Dave, who had been widowed in April of 2020. He is now living alone in the town home he and his wife Rosemary inhabited for 27 years.
Judy and I are extremely grateful that his daughter Jodi and her husband Brad have stepped up to the plate and hit a home run in providing special care for Dave.
Because of the closeness in distance apart, about a mile and a half, Dave has been able to live in his home alone.
Jodi has made a commitment to visit her father every day. She leaves home in time to arrive at her dad's home by 8:30 a.m. She stays about an hour, visiting about just everything.
She is accompanied on her daily trek by her Golden Retriever Dandy and by a little Rat Terrier named Joey.
Since her mom passed, Jodi has given her dad an open invitation to join her and Brad for an evening meal every day of the week.
Jodi also does some light house work for her dad and makes grocery stops for him. In addition to the daily evening meal, Jodi also has become quite a cook and baker. Most importantly, Jodi has helped him with his medical needs.
He is so appreciative, and so are we, about his daughter's concern for his daily care and welfare.
By visiting with my brother, we could tell that he is lonely but thankful for having family close by. In addition to his daughter and son-in-law close by, Dave also has a granddaughter Chelsea and two children, Dean and Chloe who often visit him.
It is so special to know that my only living sibling is receiving such top- notch care in a loving way.
Turn the page, and I will talk about my other niece, Michelle. She resides near Cannon Falls and is caring in the same loving way, for her father Jake, my brother-in-law.
Michelle is supervisor of food services at an Apple Valley elementary school.
Michelle, like her cousin Jodi, has devoted much of her time toward her father who has many health care needs.
When Michelle built her house many years ago, she promised to  provide care for her parents. Her mother Janice, my sister, passed away eight years ago.
Jake has been living with Michelle and Dave for some time and they have juggled their work schedules to be able to provide the timely care he demands.
Again, this is family caring for a family member. The care is laced with love.
There have been many challenges for Michelle, Dave and for Jake during this time of extended care.
Again, family has stepped up to allow one of their own the opportunity to living in a setting providing family support.
I am eternally grateful for what these two nieces have done for two of my family members. Michelle has a farm, so to speak. She has four Alpacas and also has two dogs and two cats. Jake loves this bond with his daughter and with her animals.
The tears we shed become tears of happiness because of two nieces who really care. Thank you Jodi and Michelle.

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