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From one family to another

From one family to another, dairy queen, blooming prairie, the good dairy queen
The documents are signed, and the ownership of the Blooming Prairie Dairy Queen has transitioned from Amanda and Nick Schiefert (left) to Jamie and Jay Klemmensen (right). Staff photo by Howard Lestrud
BP Dairy Queen has new owners
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

It’s official: The Blooming Prairie Dairy Queen has new owners, from one family to another.

New Blooming Prairie business owners Jay and Jamie Klemmensen picked up the keys from previous owners Nick and Amanda Schiefert on Monday, June 13–their lucky day.

Jamie has been working the Dairy Queen the past two weeks with Nick at her side. She will be store manager.

Jamie and Jay held a “Meet the New Owners” night on Friday, with specials enjoyed by a large group of customers.

I will be around to help her as long as she needs me,” said Schiefert.


Staying to help

Schiefert has owned the BP Dairy Queen for the past 23 years. I have mixed emotions during this time of transition,” Schiefert said. It’s who I am.”

On the other side, the Klemmensens are very excited about this latest business venture. Jay and Jamie also said they are still hoping to someday open a coffee shop in Blooming Prairie.

The Schieferts and Klemmensens have been business neighbors the past six years. The DQ is located at 317 Highway Ave. S. in Blooming Prairie.

Jay owns and manages Eagle Prairie Insurance; Jamie owns and operates Klemmensen Creative Design and Graphic.

All three businesses are active in the community supporting many local projects.

Jamie said she and Jay have already been involved with the Dairy Queen operation with their children–Andi, 9; Bergen, 7 and Bailee, 5.

The kids want to dive in and help,” she said.

We were looking at real estate for a coffee shop,” Jamie said. She said Nick was toying with the idea of retirement and had approached the Klemmensens about buying the DQ.

We didn’t want BP to lose the Dairy Queen,” Jay said.


Butterflies at signing

I had butterflies when it came to signing the papers on Monday,” said Jamie. She said she has always been a soft serve ice cream enthusiast. It was a match made in heaven.”

As store manager, Jamie says she is the new Nick.”

Looking to make some exciting changes, Jamie and Jay said they have lots of ideas” and hope to proceed cautiously with all of them. The store hours may change to an earlier opening at 10:30 a.m. The store closes at 10 p.m.

The point of sale may include using online sales with the DQ smart phone app. The couple also plans to move the drive-in lane to the north and put on a small addition.

“We hope to have outdoor dining,” Jamie said.

They also will update some of the equipment.



The Blizzard Wizard

The new owners have already added seven employees. Jamie said she thoroughly enjoys working with younger staff.

I have already become a Blizzard Wizard,” she said.

The Klemmensens are aware of the fine reputation the Schieferts established. 

Having the family involved in the business is a real plus, the Klemmensens believe. The Schieferts have proved that point, they said.

Bergen Klemmensen even acts as a host at times, talking to customers about his summer plans. He said he will go to the city pool and plans to play football and basketball. He also will devote time to his trampoline.

“I’ll be working on my triple maximus trick,” he said. Normal tricks are boring.”

Little Bailee also loves to hang out” at the DQ. Asked about her favorite Blizzard, she answered without hesitation: “Oreo.”


Purchased DQ in 1988

Schiefert purchased the local Dairy Queen franchise in 1998. He brought previous Dairy Queen experience logged in Cannon Falls, Blooming Prairie, and Owatonna. The BP Dairy Queen restaurant officially opened in 1986, when it transitioned from a Tastee Freeze.

The BP Dairy Queen has been a family operation with kids Lindsey, Leah and Joe also working there.

Schiefert said his restaurant sells more food than ice cream. Customers come “from all over,” he said. "We see lots of familiar faces and many not-so-familiar ones too.”

The Blooming Prairie DQ is bustling with business at the walk-in counter and at drive-up. The store is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week during the summer.

During one recent promotion, the BP Dairy Queen gave away 735 vanilla cones.

Schiefert, who grew up in the Rochester area, has been very active in the Blooming Prairie community since he has been a business owner.

The local Dairy Queen is a member of the BP Chamber of Commerce. Schiefert has been a member of the local Fourth of July celebration planning committee for the past 20 years. Schiefert retired from the Blooming Prairie Fire Department after serving 20 years.


DQ Fun Facts

  • Dairy Queen is a global enterprise with over 6,800 establishments around the world.
  • The first Dairy Queen restaurant opened in 1940 in Joliet, Ill.
  • Malts and shakes made their DQ debut in 1949.
  • Banana splits appeared on the menu in 1951.
  • The first Dairy Queen restaurant opened in Canada in 1953.
  • Dairy Queen’s soft serve recipe is a highly guarded trade secret.
  • The curl on the top of the soft serve is considered a DQ trademark.
  • Nick and Amanda Schiefert purchased the BP Dairy Queen in 1998.
  • The BP Dairy Queen is a family operation with the Schiefert kids: Lindsey, Leah and Joe working with Nick and Amanda.
  • On Dairy Queen’s 75th anniversary, the BP Dairy Queen gave away 735 vanilla cones.
  • Jay and Jamie Klemmensen purchased the BP Dairy Queen on June 13, 2022.
  • A Meet the New Owners Night was celebrated on June 17, 2022.
  • The BP Dairy Queen continues to be a family operation with Jay and Jamie assisted by their children Andi, Bergen, and Bailee.

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