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New printer brings sharper looking product

Sometimes changes bring on more positive results than one could have wished for.
That’s what I am finding with our recent printer switch to the House of Print in Madelia.
Last week I was tickled when the first edition with the new printer came rolling off the presses. The color production was amazing and something I haven’t seen in our paper ever before. The color photos and images seemed to pop off the pages in brighter and more vibrant color than ever. If you didn’t notice, I encourage you to hold up last week’s paper to one of the previous editions we printed. You won’t believe it!
I actually had expressed concern about the print quality for years with our old printer, but it always seemed to fall on deaf ears.
In case you missed my notice in last week’s paper, the DCI is now being printed at the House of Print, along with a new printing schedule for the ADvantage shopper, which will now come out one day later than previously. We had a few delivery issues last week, but I hope all of that works itself out in the next week or so.
In talking to readers over the past few weeks, many have expressed how they love our commitment to covering hometown news. It’s something they can’t find anywhere else.
It can be scary to make big changes, but in this case, it is proving to be well worth it. I believe we have a much sharper looking product from beginning to end even with the black and white pages in the middle of the color pages on the fronts and backs of each section. I think you will find the print much more readable and easier on the eyes than it had been. Funny thing is we hardly had to make any changes on our end in order to accomplish a better-looking product.
We have always been committed to providing our readers with a quality newspaper in its design, editorial content, overall coverage and advertising. We want our readers to take great pride in what they pick up each week with the DCI. This is a community newspaper serving Dodge and Olmsted counties and surrounding areas in every sense of the word.
I hope you will sit back and enjoy our revitalized paper that offers a crisp looking design flowing throughout the entire newspaper. If you have a chance, let me know what you think about the print quality.
It’s time to go in hot pursuit of cranking out another newspaper with sharp color popping off the pages.

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