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My favorite show: Parks and Rec

Most people have a favorite tv show, that they can binge watch time after time and never get sick of it.
For me that show has always been Parks and Recreation.
In fact I am currently binge watching it on Netflix for at least the 10th time. 
I think what I really like about the show aside from the hilarious jokes is the fact it has a lot of life lessons throughout the show. 
Another thing that I love about the show is how it accurately shows what life in small town America is actually like. 
Although, the show is based on a fictional small town in Indiana, I came to realize over the last couple of years that the show is truly based on small town living. 
Before moving to Minnesota, I didn’t really know what small towns were like. I particularly didn’t know what small towns in the midwest were like. 
Really the only thing I knew about small towns before I moved is what I saw on shows like Parks and Rec. 
Like Pawnee Indiana, the fictional town in the show Parks and Rec, the small towns that I have lived and worked in have a lot in common. 
In all those small towns, they have an exceptional amount of community members and government employees who are dedicated to making the community better. 
If you haven’t seen Parks and Rec I highly encourage you to do so, and let me know what you think of it! 

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