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Minnesota leaders failed to act during riots

Our nation watched in horror, via television, as a Minneapolis man was allegedly killed by a Minneapolis police officer. Riots broke out. Stores and homes were looted and burned. Police were forced to abandon the Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct because of George Floyd’s death had been caused by police.
Anarchists causing the rioting were not subdued by city or state police. Gov. Tim Walz called in the National Guard for assistance during the looting, burning and rampaging rioters, many rioters were from our of state. “Unfortunately, some individuals have engaged in unlawful and dangerous activity, including arson, rioting, looting, and damaging public and private property,” the governor’s office said in an executive order, stressing the need for “peaceful demonstrations.”
Inaction by local officials allowed the path of destruction in Minneapolis to go on unchecked.
Gov. Walz has requested money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help the state rebuild and repair fire damaged buildings in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is asking for federal as well. He wants the rest of the U.S. to help clean up and rebuild Minneapolis after rioters caused more than $55 million in destruction by burning, and defacing public and private property.
Ask each of these “leaders” why they failed to act when the rioting was going on? Why did the mayor allow his police commissioner to order the police in the third precinct to retreat?
Is it fair to ask the rest of the nation to pony up for the inaction of state and local officials that allowed the carnage?
Yes, and no.
We, as Americans, come to the aid of those in need. It’s who we are as a nation.
However, when our elected officials fail to do their job, they and their partners need to assume responsibility for their failure to lead. Perhaps the mayor and the governor should resign their respective offices in order for federal funds to be given to rebuild the Twin Cities.
Failure in leadership should have consequences.
Our children learn this at a young age. Why not hold our leaders to the same standard? Just asking.

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