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Making digital enhancements to be more reader friendly

Some changes have taken place over the past few weeks with our digital presence in an effort to make things more reader friendly.
After several years of having a joint website with our sister publication, the Dodge County Independent, we have decided to give each newspaper its own website once again. Readers can now find out current information and stories at For those who want to access Dodge County news, go to
For those who read the entire newspaper online through our E-Edition, the access for E-subscribers has not changed. Just follow the same format as you always have.
The reason for the change is that the capacity of our website often made it difficult to get information from both counties onto the same website. We are regularly overflowing with information from both areas, which is a good thing. But then comes the challenge of having a spot to put it all.
Without totally revamping the entire website or building a new one, which can be pretty costly, we decided to stick with the same company we have been utilizing for several years and offer separate websites.
We also wanted to give each newspaper its own identity. We were able to use the name of each newspaper in the web address so it should be easy for readers to find news from either county.
Our goal as it has always been is to serve readers with breaking news and a sampling of other stories from our newspaper each week. We don’t put everything on the website unless you subscribe to our E-edition.
We are still in transition with separating the websites so just bear with us for a few weeks while we get the kinks worked out. As with any project, there are some obstacles that have come up along the way, but we are working through them.
I also want to make sure our readers are aware of our e-blast service, which sends notices to your email when there are breaking news stories or other important information people want to get out in a quick manner. Just contact our office and provide us with your email and we will get you on the list. This is a great way for you to stay up on current situations going on in the area. You don’t have to wait until the print edition comes out, which sometimes can be up to seven days from the time an event happens.
As always, if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve our service, please let us know. We are here to serve you in the best possible manner at the most affordable cost that we can.
It’s time for you to go in hot pursuit of checking out our old website with a new name.

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