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Kath eyes Chateau glory

Kadden Kath, race, Chateau Speedway, race
Ellendale’s Kadden Kath fights for position in the first race of the two-heat WISSOTA Midwest Mod division races at Chateau Speedway last Friday. Kath went on to take second place in the featured race later that same night. Staff photo by Johnnie Phillips
Johnnie Phillips, Sports Editor

Ellendale’s Kadden Kath has been off to a blistering start in the Chateau Speedway points standings during the 2022 season with 623 points to his name through just six races.

Kath, who competes in the WISSOTA Midwest Mods division, has accrued two wins as well as six top-five and top-10 finishes in the young season while driving his signature No. 83X pink and black car.

“The car has been pretty much excellent every night we’ve come out with it. It’s a lot more comfortable as a driver to know that you have a good piece of equipment under your feet. But yeah, it’s been a pretty good year here so far,” said Kath.

Kath’s most recent start last weekend at Chateau Speedway came with some early adversity. Ellendale’s driver had to recover from an early pile-up entering the first turn that saw three cars have to be examined before returning to the race.

After assessing the damage and coming to the conclusion that he could continue on despite some damage to the left side of his vehicle, Kath went on to fight and eventually win a battle for second place to keep him locked into the top two in the WISSOTA Midwest Mods rankings.

Despite leading the division through the first few weeks of the season, Kath is in a gridlock battle with competitor Greg Pfeifer and currently trails by two points with a 625 to 623 current tally.

However, the point tallies and the wins aren’t all that matter to Kath.

According to Kath, the love of racing and the thrill of competing on Friday nights outweigh the points and results.

In fact, Kath’s love for racing is more than just the hard turns and fast straight-aways fans are used to seeing him make at the track.

“I love the mechanics of racing as well. Being able to fix the car up after a race and make it better for next week is something I’ve always really liked. It’s definitely not a cheap hobby, so bringing the car back in one piece is always the goal. But finding ways to make the car run better is always fun.”

Kath’s love for the sport even goes further than just his enjoyment of bettering his own car.

As a veteran at Chateau Speedway who has been racing at the track for almost a decade, Kath noted his knowledge of the track as one of his biggest advantages during races.

When called upon, Kath said he likes to spread his knowledge to new drivers in order to better the field and avoid instances such as the crash that held him up in last weekend’s race.

“I try to help guys out when I can. I’ve been racing and practicing here for a while now, and I know that it benefits everyone in the race when guys know the track well. Accidents can cost a lot of money, and we’re not out here making a ton for each race. Getting everyone across the finish line with no damage makes for a good race and a better night for everyone.”

With just 11 race days left, Kath will vie for the top spot and Chateau Speedway glory in the weeks to come.

Fans and spectators alike looking to watch Kath compete can head out to Chateau Speedway in Lansing on Friday nights all summer long with races beginning at 7:15 p.m.

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