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Sports coverage hard to pass up
Rick Bussler, Publisher
Hot Pursuit, sports, Rick Bussler

If Sunday’s electrifying Vikings win over the Packers isn’t enough to get you into the mood for football, I’m not sure anything can be done to help you.

Well, second thought, maybe the Times’ Touchdown Rundown in the sports section will fit the bill even more than the Vikings demolishing the Packers.

At any rate, we are in the thick of the fall sports season. And we’re especially excited about fall sports this year with the addition of Roy Koenig as sports analyst to complement sports editor Johnnie Phillips.

I refer to them as the dynamic sports duo. If you looked at last week’s newspaper, you’ll know what I’m referring to. I realize not everyone is a sports fanatic, but I strongly encourage you to follow our sports coverage this fall to catch a glimpse of what area athletes are doing on the courts and fields.

We are offering expanded sports coverage this fall with a pair of talented sports writers like Koenig and Phillips. In addition to the game coverage, we are also offering sports features. This week’s feature focuses on a local swimmer who is also a dragster.

Our sports team, which includes some stringers from the high schools, is making an effort to cover as many games as possible. Even yours truly has committed to covering games on Friday nights. I didn’t even mind getting drenched in the steady rain at NRHEG last Friday night, even though the Panthers had a hard battle on their hands and ended up losing to Mayer Lutheran.

We are offering the area’s best sports coverage. It’s just another reason why more and more readers are finding us hard to ignore.

We also begin an annual tradition of our Football Mania Contest this week. For the next 12 weeks, we will be featuring games for readers to decide who’ll win the game. We mix high school, college and professional sports into the contest with a weekly prize and grand prize at the end of the 12 weeks.

I know we have some readers who are always anxious for this contest to be offered in the newspaper. I’d like to see even more readers engaged in this year’s contest. Just take a look at the contest on B6, guess the winner of 18 selected games as noted in advertisements from local businesses, clip out the entry form and send it in to us.

We always love to engage our readers in the newspaper. I believe reader involvement is so important in a community newspaper.

It’s hard to not get excited about the fall sports season, which, among other things, offers a fresh start to the new school year. Even if your favorite team isn’t winning, it’s fun to just get out and watch the local athletes compete, especially as the crispness of the fall air sets in.

While athletes will be tearing up the fields and courts, you can count on us to be in hot pursuit of capturing all the action this fall and beyond.

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