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For a single night, I felt like a champion.
My oldest daughter, Kyrie, treated me to the Champion’s Club at Target Field for a Minnesota Twins game last Friday night. One phrase, coined by Batman’s sidekick Robin, comes to mind to describe the evening:  “Holy smokes, Batman.”
I have never before had such royal treatment at any sporting contest or any other event for that matter. It’s called the Champion’s Club for a reason. There are so many amenities included in the Champion’s Club that it ended up giving me a whole new perspective of Twins baseball.
I never knew such exclusivity existed at the ballpark.
The night began with exclusive valet parking and a private entrance. I certainly don’t mind walking distances for exercise, but on this evening, we only had to walk a few steps from our car to the club. I felt like someone important just for a split second.
We walked right into the exclusive and elegant private club lounge, where an extensive buffet of food was awaiting our appetites. We took advantage of complimentary five-star quality dining and beverage service. There certainly was a wide selection of foods, from roasted duck to a lobster scampi-like dish.
After our meal, we took advantage of the finest seats in the house and experienced the game from the closest view to the action. The comfortable, extra wide, padded high-back seats are at field level less than 100 feet from home plate. I have never been as close to the action in my 45-plus years of attending professional baseball games at many different ballparks around the country.
I’ve always said that there are no bad seats at Target Field as I’ve been in a variety of spots over the years, taking in baseball. But, holy smokes, the best seats are by far the Champions seats behind home plate. I just looked at my daughter in awe.
We had access to more complimentary food during the game, including hotdogs, chips, ice cream, candy, popcorn, and beverages. We also had in-seat beverage service throughout the entire game.
After the game, which by the way the Twins lost to Tampa Bay Rays 10-4, we got to hang out in the Champion’s Club for another hour. It was a chance to relive Minnesota sports history moments as the World Series trophies from 1987 and 1991 are displayed in the club. My son, who was born in 1996 and is a Twins fanatic, is still waiting for the magic to return and another run for a World championship. Certainly, it won’t be this year.
Kyrie and I didn’t want the evening to end. But we made the most of our Champions experience at Target Field, even if it was only for a night.
And just in case you were wondering, no I most likely won’t be going in hot pursuit of heading back to the Champion’s Club any time soon. It’s a little out of my price range. Well, maybe a lot.

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