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Garage sales, Straight River Days, community garage sales
While shopping Straight River Days garage sales in Medford, news editor Joni Hubred snapped up a few memories from her childhood. Staff photo by Joni Hubred
Garage sales support community and the environment
Joni Hubred, News Editor

One of the first purchases I ever made with my own money happened at a church rummage sale. 

Among the tables loaded with clothing, books, and household goods, I spotted a stack of albums and made a beeline for them.  

Expecting to see music of the 1970s on 33 rpm vinyl, I found a treasure trove of 78s from the 1940s and 1950s, selling for a nickel each.  

And that’s how I became a Glenn Miller fan.  

The beauty of rummage and garage sales is that they give you the freedom to try something new–whether it’s music or a board game or a hat–without making a big investment.  

Maybe seeing a $5 pair of ice skates gives you the confidence to take up a new winter hobby. Finding a $2 designer dress in colors you love but don't typically wear might help you discover a new personal style.  

Sales pop up all summer long, whether individually or as part of something like last weekend’s Straight River Days. They help people free up space in their homes (for new stuff!), while passing on what they no longer want to someone who will love it more.  

Community-wide sales bring neighbors together. New in town? Cruising the sales is a great way to introduce yourself, while replacing the picture frames broken during your move.  

On a more global scale, sales benefit the environment. Believe it or not–and I didn’t until I saw a 2019 article published in Worldwide Waste–some cities in the U.S. and Australia purposefully organize community-wide garage sales to reduce the amount of waste dumped in their landfills.  

Whether your mind is on reducing waste, rekindling childhood memories, or just picking up some new Tupperware, cruising garage sales is a fun way to while away a summer day in the heart of our community.  

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