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The battle of the socks

Faded flowers end up in the compost. Sour milk goes down the drain. And old socks? Well, they normally end up back on our feet. Unless, of course, you have the problem I’m experiencing. 
I’ve waged a war on my assortment of socks. And it’s one that I am quickly losing.
Sport socks, dress socks, funny socks, casual socks, you name it and they’re driving me bonkers.
I’m ending up with holes in my socks in all places. Toe area, heel area, side area and everything in between are ending up with holes in them. And it doesn’t seem to matter what brand they are. 
It used to be that I could easily get a year or more out of one pair of socks, but not these days. I’m lucky I get six months now. I don’t know what it’s, but they are ending up with holes in them at a faster rate than I can wash them. 
With holes appearing in every side of my socks, I’m convinced they just don’t make socks like they used. Stupid me, why would I think they would? Nothing else is made like the good old days any more.
It always amazes me how two socks that have been paired together the entire duration of wear end up with the same fate within days, sometimes hours of each other. Two socks end up being tossed out at the same time. The more I think about it, perhaps that’s a good thing otherwise I’d have one alien sock in the drawer with no match.
This past weekend I realized I am definitely losing the war on socks. I took out a fairly new pair of dress socks that had been only worn maybe four times and guess what? Sure enough there was a hole in the side of one of them. Usually it’s a hole in the heels, but this time it fooled me and went on the side almost to the point of being out of sight. How could this be? I’ll probably still wear them for a few times until the hole gets larger, but they’re headed for the same demise much sooner than expected.
It’s to the point where I can’t even get to the store to buy replacements any more without holes riddling all my socks. 
Tight shoes, hot washes, sweaty and rough skin, I know socks have a rough life. But really only a couple weeks? 
In recent weeks, it seems like my garbage can is filling up faster with holey socks than any other garbage. I’ll confess I wear socks with holes for several times before I finally decide to part with them. I wear socks to the bitter end and beyond. 
Socks, as I’m sure you’re well aware, aren’t exactly cheap. I usually look for the deals where you buy one pack and get another one free or half off. Perhaps the lousy quality is why they’re being pushed out of the store so fast.
Some people suggest just forget about wearing socks and going without. But I’m not quite that adventurous. I need to have something covering my feet. 
My sock drawer is calling. It’s time for me to go in hot pursuit of figuring out how to win the battle of the socks. 

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